Owner Writes Heartbreaking Note To Thief Who Stole Photos of His Dog’s Last Day Alive

Saoirse Morgan came across a heartbreaking note on a street in Toronto, Canada, and she directly took a photo of it and shared it online. Thousands of people were heartbroken after seeing what is written in the note.

The note, that was written by a dog owner, says that he just wants a memory card from the wallet that was stolen. He writes that he does not want anything from the wallet, but the memory that contains photos of his dog’s last day alive, as she newly passed away. He also wrote that he can’t lose the photos and the dog!

The pet owner also puts his address on the note which is 735 Bloor St. W. Toronto, Ontario. M6G1L5. He asked anyone with information to call or text 647-267-0366. We hope that he finds the wallet, or at least the memory card.

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