Dog’s Owner Could Face Up To 3 Years In Jail After Dragging His Dog Miles Behind His Car

Locals in Khmelnitsky, Ukraine, were devastated after seeing a very disturbing scene of animal abuse, as they found a severely wounded pooch on the side of the road after following a mile-long of blood!

It was apparent that the dog’s owner dragged his pet behind his vehicle to punish him for misbehaving! A witness called Sergey forced Volodymyr Baidych, the owner who is a top local official, to stop his vehicle. The evil owner said that his plan was to wound the dog fatally, and then dumped him in the wood.

The dog, Barsik, was directly taken to a local hospital to be examined. They found that his condition was critical as he’s grazed to the bones in his neck, stomach, and paws. Despite everything, Barsik veterinarians hope that the brave hero can make a great recovery as he is very affectionate.

Heavy public outrage is attacking Volodymyr, who defended his bad actions as Barsik bit his mama, online as what he did went viral! He’ll face up to three years in jail, if the Khmelnytsky Police Department found him guilty after some investigations.

Watch the video below.

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