Owl Who Was Run Over By A Car Can't Stop Hugging Her Rescuer

A great horned owl called GiGi suffered a serious head trauma after getting hit by a vehicle. Thankfully, a man saw her and took her to the Wild at Heart Rescue in Mississippi.

The founder of the rescue organization, Missy Dubuisson, said that the bird was in a very bad situation when she arrived at the rescue as she suffered aspergillosis, a bad condition in her lungs, her body was full of parasites, and she also suffered a massive concussion.

She even lost 20-50% of her total weight, which is around an entire pound, during the treatment process!

GiGi was very grateful to Douglas, the man who saved her, and she started cuddling him without stopping! Thanks to the kind man Douglas, who was the main reason to save this owl. Watch the video below.

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