They Adopted An Orphaned Bear Cub, 23 Years Later They Are Still Living Together

People keep rabbits and dogs as pets for many reasons, but what are the reasons to keep a bear as pet in your house?!

It is ok that bears are so cute, but they also have the ability to maul anyone tries to piss them off. Meet this 23-year-old bear, Stepan, who lives in Russia.

He does not like living in the wild, he actually lives with Panteleenkos, who have no fear of death.

The bear weighs 21-stone, and stands at 7-foot tall. Stepan was adopted by Yuriy and Svetlana Panteleenko when he was only 3 months.

Svetlana said that he is so adorable and likes to cuddle up with them. She also added that he was found by some hunters in the forest in a really bad condition after losing his mom. Watch the video below and tell us your opinion.

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