Rescuer Sends Heartbreaking Open Letter To The Owner Of A Struggling Dog In Ditch

A rescuer received a call about a poor pup hopelessly trying to walk along a busy country street’s side, near Gray Court, South Carolina. The condition of the poor dog was really shocking, his eyes were really injured and it was obvious that he was wasted. It was not clear if he could even see!

Rushed to an emergency vet, the dog who named Journey, has been diagnosed with undernourishment, intestinal worms, kidney failure, and severe infections and dehydration. His eyes are sunken in, and no one know if he can see again.

Some odds seem to be against of Journey to fight to be survived, as his condition was so bad. But, he wants to stay alive. He has been administered vitamins, antibiotics, life sustaining medications and supplements, and intravenous fluids. And the rescuer is taking care of him 24/7.

Audra Root, the dog’s rescuer, wrote an open letter on social media to the owner of Journey:

“I could not believe what I was looking at as I approached the ditch I’m for sure your dog laid down to die in. A fairly busy road I’m sure you other cold-hearted people witnessed him struggling to walk, with only bones showing, no vision but a fight to live more than I’ve ever seen before. His fight was leaving his old worn body as you probably sat with a full meal and no regard to the life you allowed to suffer. No part of my being can understand such disregard for life. I’m not a cruel person but I hope one day you find yourself alone, homeless with no food or no one.

The condition of Journey was totally heartbreaking:

“Then maybe you can feel an ounce of the suffering you brought this old soul. Thanks to you his kidneys are failing to a degree we’re unsure he can come back from, but I’m fighting like hell because you didn’t. Infection raging his already deteriorated body, worms eating his insides, his eyes sunk into the back of his skull that have to be flushed all day. He does not even have the strength to eat. He can’t walk without wobbling and laying down. I hope I never cross your path but I hope you cross the path of another cruel person. I firmly believe we reap what we sow.”

No matter how cruel Journey’s owners may have been, there’s still hope:

“As I carry your dog’s old body, syringe feed him and give him love my anger deepens yet so does my fight for him. Other people came together for an animal they never met. But you couldn’t even give him the decency to find help for an animal you were supposed to love. I hope you see his face and can’t sleep but I bet you won’t, you saw his face and did NOTHING. The pit of hell isn’t even good enough for you.”

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