Meet Bluebell And Beth : The New Dogs Who Will Move To Buckingham Palace

Corgi had been the favorite breed of the late Queen Elizabeth II, who had over thirty dogs during her reign.

Following her death, Prince Andrew took her one Dorgi and 2 Corgis, that are owned by the monarch, to take care of them at his Windsor home. The new dogs of Buckingham Palace are now Bluebell and Beth, King Charles III and Camilla his wife’s dogs.

The 2 Jack Russell Terriers were adopted by Camilla in Feb 2017 from from the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in London. 

Camilla said that dogs have many things such as trying to make you happy if you are sad, having a great conversation with them, and sit them down, during an interview with BBC Radio 5 Live.

She also added that she met the dogs during a regular visit to the shelter. At first, she adopted Beth, who was found abandoned by the shelter.

She then decided to have a friend to Beth, that’s when Bluebell was found by the shelter 2-3 weeks later! She was about to die, covered in sores without hair! She also added that she adopted Bluebell when she got healthy after her fur grew back again! She looks so beautiful! Camilla also revealed that they did not allow dog to sleep on the bed, but they allow them be with kids almost everywhere as they are friendly to them.

Beth and Bluebell will be able to explore Buckingham Palace after the renovation works come to an end.

People have already seen the Jack Russell Terriers on the cover of Country Life in July 2022.

However, King Charles loves dogs also, and he had Tigger, Jack Russell, who died in 2002 and was buried in Highgrove House. So, we will soon see the cute dogs in the Buckingham Palace.

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