Neglected Alaskan Husky Shows And Incredible Recovery After Being Rescued

This story speaks about Odin, a poor dog, who spent his life in a breeding farm in Mississippi. He had had a very rough life!

He stayed in a crate all the year; he was even outside despite the weather! Odin, purebred Alaskan Malamute, was covered in sores and mange, and his teeth were also broken! He also had intestinal parasites and was severely underweight!

Thankfully, Southern Cross Animal Rescue of Mississippi and Southern Pines Animal Shelter came into the action and rescued Odin. They were completely shocked about his bad situation! They directly took him to the nearest hospital to receive the treatment he needed.

He was also fostered by Sydney Schelkopf, who decided to give him her time to let him be completely healed. Thankfully, she also decided to adopt him permanently and he is doing great now. He will be completely healed soon. Watch the video below.

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