Man Ties His X-Wife's Husky Out To Waste Away For Two Years After Getting Divorced

A Husky dog called Finn was so ugly after his owners were divorced! So, Finn was tied outside on a chain where he sat for 2 years!

Being neglected made the dog become severely emaciated as there were no shade or water! However, Finn, who became skin and bones, was saved by Pet Angels Rescue!

Finn directly fell asleep in the rescue car as he was severely exhausted! He even did not wake up for the entire trip that took 2 hours!

Despite what happened with him, he had so much strength, which surprised everyone! He also started coming out of his kennel to interact and play!

The best thing was that the dog, who was renamed Fonzie, was adopted by a kind family after his fur grew back again! He is so cute! What a happy ending! Watch the video below.

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