Man Surrenders His Two Dogs To Be Put Down As His Girlfriend Do Not Like Them

The lab mix, Cosmo, and the Pointer, Sam, lived together in Illinois with their people for 10 years, but everything spiraled downhill when their owners divorced.

Her father came to live with his girlfriend, who unfortunately does not like dogs. The man took the dogs to the veterinarian in Portage, Ill., to be euthanized Instead of rehoming them.

Fortunately, the vet refused the man's request as his dogs be friendly, healthy, friendly and euthanized, which they call "euthanasia of comfort."

Unfortunately, homeowners sometimes remove their pets for personal or practical reasons such as allergies, divorce, travel, loss, job loss and so on.

The 2 dogs were taken to the Peoples Animal Welfare Society in Tinley Park, Ill. After being brought to Begin Again Rescue Co. Soon after, named Tiffany and Eric Dybas, a couple from Lockport, Illinois, heard about the dogs’ sad story and decided to take them home to give them the live they deserve.

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