Man Puts His Own Car Up For Sale To Be Able To Save His Dog's Life

A dog owner called Randy Etter found out that Gemini, his dog, had some health issues when the dog started following him around and became lethargic. But Etter directly took Gemini to the hospital when he started to vomit. But Gemini’s case was complicated to diagnose!

The man refused to give up on his dog and started going to various vets, which costed him his work! But he did not stop! Unfortunately, no vet was able to know what was wrong with the dog! But after a long time, Etter knew the reason as there was a small object stuck in the intestines of Gemini!

It was a bit of Etter’s girlfriend's baby girl’s bottle! As the girl had thrown the bottle while playing with him! The dog needed an immediate surgery to remove the piece as it caused a blockage!

However, the intervention cost $4,500, and Etter did not have that money at that time, so, he put his car on sale in a post on Facebook! He also explained that his car would be sold, so, he would be able to make the surgery for his dog. Thankfully, one of his friends gave him a $2,000 loan, so, he was not forced to sell the car.

The S.O.A.R. Initiative also gave him another $1,000. So, he was able to make the surgery for the dog. Thankfully, the surgery was successful, and Gemini went back home to live with his dad, who loved him more than anything. How awesome!

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