Man Hits & Kills A Dog Intentionally Because Owner Was Yelling At Him For Speeding

The police have arrested a man from Santa Rosa, California, as he intentionally killed an innocent dog after intentionally ran over it and its man.

The incident started when a white car came speeding up a road that a Terrier-mix was being walked by his man in. The owner yelled out the driver, that was driving a Maserati, slow down. The driver then stopped completely but he later intentionally hit the dog and his man with his vehicle.

The pedestrian was directly taken to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital after having some injuries but they expected that he will be Ok soon. On the other hand, the Terrier-mix dog directly passed away because of his injuries.

An investigation was directly launched by The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office to know the identity of the driver. An anonymous tip came to them about the Maserati which led them to find Juan Mendoza-Meza, a 30-year-old man, and arrested him with felony animal cruelty and charges of assault with a deadly weapon. He will remain in custody with no-bail hold.

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