Man Tries To Free Dog After Being Chained All His Life, But The Dog Lunges At Him

This story speaks about a German Shepherd called Alex, who was chained his whole life after being tagged as a “killer dog”. Alex’s owner was also afraid from being close to him, but everything changed when a kind man knew about him and volunteered to free him!

When the dog saw the man approaching him, he prepared himself to attack, but the man, who is obviously expert with dogs, was able to calm Alex down by luring him with a blanket!

The man then picked the cage up and took it to the vehicle to drive it to a shelter! However, the smart dog finally realized that he was free, so, he calmed down!

The man kept the dog with him at night, but the next morning was so special, as the dog started cuddling and hugging the man! How awesome! Watch the video below.

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