Mama Dog Carries Her Puppy On Her Snout To Daddy's Lap For Him To Pet them both

Dog videos are super cute, but this one is the cutest ever I bet.

A user on TikTok called @luizfagundesmesqui shared a video of a mama dog, who has just given birth, taking her small puppy to present it to her human!

After the owner holds the baby, the mama dog, Mel, jumps on his lap also! It is obvious that she trusts her owner very much!

She just wants to cuddle her newborn puppy with his human dad!

Many people commented on the video expressing how great it is.

Some wrote that it is obvious how much she trusts her dad!

One user wrote that she gets her baby to present it to its grandpa!

I bet that you will never see a cuter video! The video has been viewed more than 7.5 million times since it was shared! How cute! Watch the video below.


♬ som original - Luiz Fagundes Mesquita

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