Lion And White Tiger Fall In Love And They Escape The Zoo Together

Have you ever seen a tigress and a lion falling in love with each other?! That’s what happened between a white tigress called Zabu and a lion called Cameron, who were just bred to make ligers at a zoo in New England.

Fortunately, the tigress, who had genetic flaws, and the lion, who was underweight with almost 190 pounds, because of breeding, were rescued few years later. The both beasts were put in the same sanctuary as they love each other.

Being so possessive of Zabu made Cameron a real threat to the zookeepers. So, they decided to neuter him instead of separating him from his true love forever.

Sadly, the lion his majestic mane as a result of that! However, they both continued to stay with each other doing great things like taking naps, nuzzling, and running around. Sadly, they both died a few years ago. Watch the video below.

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