K9 Dog Couldn't Stop Showering His Partner With Kisses During Photo Shoot

A lawman and his K-9 officer can create a great bond. This lovely photoshoot for Indiana Officer Levi Knach and his K-9 partner, Kenobi, shows the greatest bond and loyalty could happen ever.

It was a routine official police department photo for Levi and Kenobi, they dressed up and polished their badges, when something unusual happened.

The photo session supposed to be strict and serious, but it turned into joy and fun, as what appears in these photos. The love’s spirit of the K-9 Officer Kenobi overcame him and starts to plant a few smooches on Knach's cheek.

It's known that Indiana's streets are safer because of the job of these two, thanks for their services. It was the most beautiful photo shoots of police dog ever, thanks for the photographer.

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