K9 Has His Last Ride In A Police Car As An Honor Before Being Put To Sleep

Respecting animals is a must as they are naturally good and loyal. But actually, respecting police dogs is the biggest must as they serve our community in the best way ever.

There are many work duties for K9 dogs such as cadaver discovery, arson and drug detection, rescue, and search. They should be given the best farewell when retire, or die.

The Ridgefield Police Department gave a German Shepherd K9 called Zeus the most emotional farewell ever. Zeus was followed by a police car parade to the Ridgefield Veterinary Hospital, where he was put to sleep.

One of the officers said that it was a tearful farewell as Zeus, who wore his Ridgefield police badge with respect, decency, and pride, had helped many officers making hundreds of arrests since 3006.

More than 50 tracks for wanted or missing individuals have been undertaken by Zeus throughout his years of service, locating six suspects who’d fled crime scenes and six victims in life-threatening situations.

John Roche, the department’s chief, said that Zeus had been deteriorated by the sickness to the point that it was so hard for him to move and exist, so, they decided to put him down in the most honorable way. Rest in Peace Zeus!

Watch the video below.

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