K9 Dog With Fatal Cancer Gets Final Salute From His Partners While On His Last Walk

There is no doubt that one of the invaluable parts of any law enforcement department is K9 dogs. They dedicate their lives to protect communities alongside their humans.

We should respect them the same way we respect human officers. And they also deserve the best farewell.

That’s what happened with Tommy, a seven-year-old K9 dog, who was given the final respectful walk before being put down.

The German Shepherd, Tommy, had a 5-year career with the Northwest Ohio K9 Group, and his duties included detecting missing people and drugs.

Unfortunately, his career came to an end after being diagnosed with a very dangerous cancer!

Officer Berger, Tommy’s handler, was the one who took the dog for the last walk before taking him to the Blanchard Valley Veterinary Clinic to be euthanized.

Thanks to these officers who really gave the K9 heroic dog the best farewell for his services to the community. RIP Tommy.

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