Husky Finds Dying Kittens Inside Box In The Woods, Adopts And Nurses Them Back To Health

This story speaks about a service dog called Banner who helps his disabled owner, Whitney Braley. However also loves helping any other animals in need.

Whitney trained the dog, who is now 3 years old, to assist her with many things since he was a pup like alerting her to self-harm interruption, medication retrieval, momentum pull, guide work, migraines, anxiety attacks, PTSD episodes, and much more. Banner also loves cats as he has found a kitten before 2 years and helped her by raising her.

However, the rescue cat still lives with Banner and his mama who also fostered some other kittens over the years. Recently, seven newborn kitties were found in a sealed cardboard box by Banner, who directly alerted Whitney and led her to the woods to find the kittens.

When they reached the box Banner took the kittens one by one with his mouth to safety. After taking the kittens to Whitney's home, Banner has never left their side just like he is their dad. Thankfully all the kitten were adopted to forever homes. How great! What the video below.

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