Heartwarming Scene When Horse Tries To Comfort Its Caretaker By Hugging Her

We humans tend to underestimate animals, to the point that we have convinced ourselves that they are less intelligent than our species or that they simply act on impulse. However, this belief is not correct, and on more than one occasion we have received great lessons from the animals we love the most. That is when we realize that we have a lot to learn from them.

On this occasion, the protagonist of the most adorable video you will see today is a tender horse, who after seeing his caregiver cry due to the divorce process he was going through at the time, chose to bring her closer to him to hug her and console her.

We don’t deserve the little animals!
Shania is a woman who cares for horses, and she recently went viral on social media due to a short video in which Shiner, one of the horses she cares for, comforted her just as she burst into tears due to her problems. sentimental.

The video was posted on TikTok under the caption “We don’t deserve them”, and it shows how the horse Shiner realized that Shania was crying, and little by little he pushed her towards his body and placed his head on her back; it seemed that he was giving her a hug to comfort her and try to calm her down.

The moment was recorded because Shania always records herself with the animals to leave evidence of her interaction with them at work, because seeing these recordings helps her understand them better. However, we all have days when we have no mind for anything but our sadness, and at that moment she was so overwhelmed by her problems that she completely forgot that she was recording herself.

I was in the process of getting divorced and that day was my moving day. I was just hiding from my emotions and my horse Shiner sensed it. He felt my pain and he just pulled me into his chest to let me cry and he soothed me with his shoves.

The tender reaction of the horse towards its caretaker did not take long to go viral on TikTok, since the users of the video platform found it a very sweet gesture on the part of the little animal, so they do not stop applauding and praising the horse in the comments of the video.

In the end, it is possible to say that Shiner only returned a little of the affection that Shania gives him and all the other horses every day, since she is in charge of taking care of them, keeping them healthy and well fed. Animals are the best!