Homeless Man Refuses To Give Up His Dog For Much-Needed Surgery And Housing

Homeless people are the most people who know what stray dogs feel. So when Donald Dickerson, a homeless man, was offered housing over his dog he decided to choose his dog. Dickerson said that he can't give his dog up as he knows that the dog can do everything for him.

He also added that the dog, whose name is Duude loves him the same way he loves him. The man, who spent his day in a Greensboro, North Carolina, woods at campsite along with his dog, was offered housing but without his they wanted him to foster Duude.

Dickerson who suffers some health issues said that he won't do that as his dog has been in the same life with him. Dickerson, who has a swollen knee, said that he needs a partial knee replacement surgery as it is really painful to walk in his legs.

He also added that doctors have told him that he had find a place to live after the surgery as he needed to be cared of. Sadly, the only place he found to live wasn't allowed him to take Duude with him so he chose Duude over housing and even his knee.

Thankfully, Dickerson was met by Lane Miller along Wendover Avenue as she dropped to work daily. So she decided to help him by reaching out to many agencies and organizations in hopes she could help him. The Volunteer Center of Triad is now doing their best with other agencies to help the homeless man to find a place where he can take Duude with him. How loyal! Watch the video below.

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