Homeless Man Risks His Life To Save All 16 Animals From Burning Shelter

A 53-year-old homeless man called Keith Walker put his life in danger by getting inside an animal shelter in Atlanta, that was burning to save 10 cats and 6 dogs! The animals would have died if Walker, who’s now being hailed a hero, did not enter the shelter.

He said that despite being afraid because of the heavy smoke, he decided to go in to save the animals. The good thing was that the W-Underdogs shelter was preparing to move into their new facility in few days, before the old facility was burned!

However, Keith Walker is already known by Gracie Hamlin, the founder of W-Underdogs, as he has a dog called Bravo. The founder also lets Walker sleep in the shelter every night, which was the main reason for rescuing the animals. What a hero!

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