Golden Retriever Brought Stray Dying Kitten Home, And Nursed It To Health

There is no doubt that Golden Retrievers are one of the cutest dogs ever, but they are also so smart. This story shows us that they are also heroes. A golden retriever saved a tiny kitty that was on the edge of death on the street. It was saved just in time as it would have died if the golden retriever did not step in.

The dog picked the kitty up with his teeth and took her to his home to be safe. However, the dog’s owner fed the poor kitten some milk directly. It was obvious that it was very thirsty as it drank the whole bottle in a very fast way.

No one knows how the cute kitten got into this complicated situation, but what is known that it is in good hands now. Furthermore, the owner decided to adopt the kitty too as the golden retriever loves it and treats it as if he is the big brother! Hoe great!

Watch the video below.

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