German Shepherd Treads Water For 11 Hours To Save Owner After Boat Sink

This story speaks about a German Shepherd called Heidi, who had many troubles while being in the middle of the sea in her owner’s boat in Australia.

The 63-year-old owner and Heidi were left stranded in the water as the power was lost in the boat that started to take in water!

The heroic dog treaded the water for almost eleven hours to keep her owner, who clung a wooden piece of the boat, alive.

Heidi was spotted by a fisherman who directly called the authorities after realizing that a boat had sunk!

The dog was moved to Manly Boat Harbour, and the Volunteer Marine Rescue, Volunteer Marine Coast Guard, Marine Safety Queensland jet ski, four police vessels, and helicopter were all deployed to search for the owner!

Thankfully, they found the owner clinging to his boat after 3 hours of searching. However, the owner and his dog were both healthy despites being for a long time in the water!

If Heidi did not tread the water, her owner would probably die! Thanks to the brave dog, who shows us that dog is man’s best friend. Watch the video below.

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