Dog Fighting Ring Threw Pitbull Like Trash, And Nobody Stopped To Help Her

In Fort Worth, Texas a dog was rescued by Judy Obregon after he was found living there for many weeks in the woods near Echo Lake Park when her work eventually was paid off. She was very patient to gain the German Shepherd trust.

The one of The Abandoned Ones is experienced with rescuing dogs precisely in such situations. The dog was afraid firstly but when Judy began to feed her every morning the situation changed. When one day the dog was waiting for Judy seemed to hide a secret.

The German Shepherd want to save her friend too and showed a frightening puppy with scars all over his face. Now the German Shepherd, Iris and the pit bull, Clover have visited the vet, and they are in good conditions and they are looking happier and better. Judy is now searching for a suitable foster home for the two.

Watch the video below.

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