Feral Stray Looking For Food In The Garbage, Feels Love When The Right People Shows Up

The Orphan Pet writes online about a stray dog called Shadow, who used to feed off rotting corpses of livestock and sleep in the garbage in Athens, Greece.

The severely emaciated dog was found for the first time wandering among the trash, it was obvious that she was not friendly! The dog was saved after 3 days, as the rescuers were so careful as the dog would bite anyone trying to get close to her.

Thankfully, she was directly taken to a vet to receive his treatment. She was then fostered by Zaira, a kind woman who spent about 2 months to mend her soul and broken body with hard work and training.

Shadow is now completely healed, and she is ready to go to a forever home. What a transformation! Watch the video below.

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