Farm Guard Hit Starving Dog On His Head Just For Being Closer To Chickens

Protecting livestock is what many dogs do in many places all over the world. But the problem with these dogs is that they just eat wherever they can as they are not receiving the care they need.

 This story is a perfect example about this subject as Bruno, a poor pup, attacked chickens of a farmer as he was very hungry! So, the farmer hit Bruno, instead of scaring him away! He was about to be killed after getting a blunt object in his head, but he is a great warrior! He was able to survive till he was taken by some rescuers.

A veterinarian came to examine Bruno; whose skull is fine, but his jaw is fractured, according to the vet. Bruno was given medication to help him to sleep, before going to the hospital the next morning. After being completely examined at the hospital, Bruno goes to a foster home to receive the care he needs.

Thankfully, he starts gaining weight as he is eating well. To make things better, Bruno is adopted by a great family to have the life he deserves in a forever home. 

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