Family Adopts A Dog On A Vacation, Then Dumps Her After 6 Years At Kill-Shelter For Another Visit

Toots, a sorrowful dog, was having the worst day of her whole life. Her family adopted her before six years in Hawaii.

The family of the Beagle gave her San Bernardino City Animal Shelter, which is known as high kill facility, to go on holidays for many weeks. And the photos which was taken for him showed the panic un her eyes.

The story is told by Andrea Neyses, shelter volunteer and animal advocate, ‘’I saw today one of the most selfish acts of humans! They wanted to go on vacation for more than a week, and giving Toots, their canine family member, who was adopted by them in Hawaii before 6 years!’’

Look at her face, how can they leave her?

The good advocates want to focus on finding a new nice home for Toots, or at least give her to rescue organization as quickly as possible. Watch the video below.

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