Family Dog Insists On Helping Window Cleaner By Bringing Him A Toy

This story speaks about a 4-year-old cute dog called Tofu, who knows that welcoming guests is so important. This is applied on any guest he meets, even if it is the window cleaner!

So, when a window cleaner was cleaning Tofu’s family’s apartment’s windows, he knew he had to welcome him!

Tofu grabbed his favorite toy directly and showed it to the man in a way to greet him! Rebekah Hartman, his mama, said that he was so happy to see someone outside and decided to give him a hand by grabbing his toy!

Seeing that left Tofu’s mama with nothing but recording the incident! Hartman also added that he does this with everyone! He loves his toys, and usually sleeps with one of them inside his mouth! How adorable! Watch the video below.

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