Elderly Dog Accidentally Falls Off From Owner's Car And They Don't Care To Stop

A couple from Colorado saw something moving on a busy freeway in Dallas while traveling to Texas. So, they directly pulled their car over as they recognized that it was a Beagle. Fortunately, they were able to pick up the dog before getting hit by any vehicle.

The dog, who has a collar on, was taken to a vet, where they found that she suffered from heartworm and tick disease called Ehrlichia. The couple was then able to reach to the 10-year-old dog’s owners, who told them that she fell down with her crate out of their truck’s back. They also said that they did not want her back again!

So, the couple took the dog, who was renamed Dallas to Dallas Dog Rescue. The dog needed a lot of care and treatment to be completely recovered. But she is a sweet dog, and she loves life. She will surely do it.

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