Elderly Dog Hardly Can Walk, Cries When She Sees Her Soldier Mom Coming Back Home

This story speaks about a thirteen-year-old dog called Buddy who loves, Hannah Foraker, her best friend, after spending all her life with her. But, when Hannah became 21, she went off to basic training in Oklahoma after being enlisted in the army.

Hannah was heartbroken as she left Buddy, her Golden Retriever, and Derby, her horse behind. So, when she returned home after three months for a Christmas break, she was desperate to see Buddy.

Buddy, who was adopted by Hannah when she was a small pup, is now mostly deaf and has arthritis as she is very old. But actually, she gives Hannah the best welcome ever as she starts crying in Hannah’s lap just like she hasn't seen her for years.

This story shows us that dogs are among the most loyal animals in the world, actually they are more loyal than some humans sometimes. Watch the video below.

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