Dying Senior Dog On Last Car Ride, His Face Impression Tears Up His Family

When a Pit Bull mixed called Libra was brought to the Kramer household, she was just so little. The dog soon made a great bond with April, the family’s daughter, who was just eight years old back then.

The sweet pit bull also became best friends with Maxwell, her adorable kitten sibling. However, April grew up with the support of Libra for about fifteen blissful years. But unfortunately, nothing lasts forever, as the health of Libra started giving away.

She had cancerous pulmonary tumors because of some violent seizures. Unfortunately, when the family knew that Libra was not going to make it, they decided to give her one last thing.

April just wanted to do that to thank her lovely dog for her everlasting and unconditional love. That's when April decided to give Libra a great last car ride as she was always a fan of car rides.

During the ride, April rolled down the window to let Libra enjoy her favorite experience. It was completely obvious that Libra enjoyed the treasured and breeze of the passing scenery.

The emotional photo of Libra in her last car ride was shared online by April. It directly went viral as people commented with emotional comments about it. RIP Libra!

Watch the video below.

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