Dog's Owner Dies, Then Found Wandering The Streets With A Note Attached To His Collar

A German Shepherd called Roadie was found roaming the streets in Franklin, Indiana, looking for food with a bottle attached to her collar. She became confused when she saw someone coming towards her.

Director of Johnson County Animal Control, Michael Delp, was called to the scene, so, he directly went to help her. When he arrived, he realized that the was a note inside the bottle read that Roadie was living with a family, who loved her, but unfortunately, the dad lost his job and will soon lose the home due to Coronavirus.

Delp made his calls and found out that Roadie’s dad has been through difficult situations, so, they gave him the help he needed! However, reserve sheriff deputy and chief of the White River Township Fire Department, Jeremy Pell, saw Roadie’s photos, and directly decided to adopt her.

She was completely healthy! She just wants a home. The best thing that she finally has the forever home she deserves.

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