Loyal Dog Waits by a Roadside Shrine For His Dead Owner To Come Back For Year And A Half

DOG WAITS – This dog just proved how loyal they can be to their owners by waiting on a roadside shrine for a year and a half for its owner who died.

Thousands of reports about dogs doing extraordinary things have appeared in the past. And each one of them have awesome backstories. With their capabilities, it could be said that dogs are truly intelligent.

There was also one story, about another loyal dog who visited its owner’s funeral.

Meanwhile, in Greece, this loyal dog can be seen waiting patiently for its owner to return every single day.

Although this is a common trait for most dogs, the case on this one is a lot different. His owner won’t be back since he died in an accident a year and a half ago, The unidentified white dog waits on a roadside shrine located in Nafpaktos, TK. Its owner, a known as ‘Haris’ died where this monument now stands after accidentally colliding with a cement mixer back in 2017.

His death also shocked the locals since his brother also died near the location just a few years before.

The locals put up a shrine on the roadside where the accident happened. The shrine can be found at least seven and a half miles away from Haris’ house.

Even since the shrine was put there, Haris’ dog stayed there everyday waiting for him to come back.

Many residents in the town offered to give the dog a new home. But the the dog always goes back to the monument. With the dog insisting to stay there, the residents just decided to put up a small shelter for it and provided blankets.

They also give the dog food and water.

Although the dog’s name was not identified, people started referring to it as “Hachiko of Nefpaktia”. It was named after the famous dog from Japan.

That is all there is to it, at least for now. We’ll post updates as soon as we got them.