Dog Stuck On The Side Of The Road Waiting For Death, But Soon Later Everything Changes

An abandoned puppy named Alex had experienced a hard situation and was about to die. He was on the side of a road and stuck in a remote location and with a long chain collar.

Alex was filled with maggots over his wounds, exhausted and severely emaciated. Unfortunately, nobody could see him from the road. 

When something unexpected happened! Alex, a person, was cleaning the area when he noticed something strange, he found the emaciated pup and he called the local animal rescue (Feed Friends Foundation) for emergent help.

Thankfully, Alex was taken in Alle Hadoc to care for him as he recovered both mentally and physically. Alex, the sweet dog was surrounded by a loving foster and friends from kitties and dogs who helped him along the way. As time passes, Alex makes a full recovery from inside and out, and he is now with a new loving family.

Watch the video below.

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