Dog Who Kept Sneaking Into A Dollar Store For A Unicorn Toy, Got A New Start In Life

Animal control in in Kenansville, North Carolina, was called by a Dollar General to come to catch the cutest thief ever, a large male homeless dog called Sisu, who continued to steal the same stuffed unicorn for 5 consecutive times!

So, when an officer of the Duplin County Animal Control came to pick Sisu up, he finally got his stuffed unicorn! Some photos were then shared online showing Sisu cuddling his favorite toy, and they directly went viral.

Thankfully, many people applied to adopt the cute dog with his purple unicorn! Finally, the animal services were able to choose the perfect family for him.

He is now very happy with his new forever family, who also adopted his unicorn with him. How adorable! Watch the video below.

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