Homeless Dog Who Was Found Living In Trash Pile Now Living In Forever Home

This story speaks about Miley, a homeless young Husky, who collapses after living in a big garbage dump for years. Miley had nowhere to go, so, she had to look for food amidst the hazardous wastes that are surely toxic.

Miley had considered the dump as her home, but she slowly started feeling hungry and got covered with mange. She tried to hide in a corner because of the pain. Miley had become extremely emaciated and weak when she was found by Hope For Paws. She was hardly able to lift her head when she was offered food. She directly knew that her hope in good life just happened if she followed the rescuers.

You can see in the video below that Miley does her best and is able to stand to follow the kind rescuers to their car. They found that her health was much worse than they firstly thought. When she knew what a real roof means, she got the chance to sleep for 3 entire days!

Miley was completely grateful to the rescuers, but she also felt dull and lonely. Miley needed a long-road recovery, and Frankie, a little Chihuahua, was introduced to her by the staff to help her to recover. The chihuahua, who was also scared after being saved from a sewer, also needed a friend beside him to let him feel safe, and Miley was that friend.

Miley’s actions shocked the rescuers, who believed that she finally had a purpose to recover. The video below shows the miraculous transformation of Miley after just a year of rescue. What a transformation!

Watch the video below.

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