Family Dog Thinks That Girl Was Drowning, And Saves Her From Small Pool

This story speaks about a hero dog, who 'saved' a little girl from being drowned in a pool in Mexico. The truth is that the girl was swimming in a small pool wearing a life jacket, but when the water submerged her, the brave puppy thought that she was drowning, so, he went to the action.

The brave, loyal puppy directly grabbed the girl by the jacket and pulled her to the grass. You can see in the video below, that was uploaded on TikTok by @happygabby40, the puppy doing his best to get the girl to the grass, but to no avail!

The little girl started to laugh for what the puppy did. But the puppy just wanted to get his humane sister to safety. So, he continued his attempts, and was finally able to get her to the grass.

The video directly went viral getting thousands of likes, views, and comments with people praising his quick action to keep his sister safe. How great! Watch the video below.

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