Dog Surrendered Because She Is Too Clingy, Now She Finds The Love She Deserves

This story speaks about Jubilee, a nice dog who just wanted to follow her owner everywhere! We know that when dogs love someone, they tried to stay beside them all the time!

But her owner brought her back to the Montgomery County Shelter in Texas!

When the dog was surrendered, a woman saw her and shared her story online! It directly went viral and with less than a day he was adopted!

The former owner said that the reasons were not just that Jubilee was too lovely to her, but she had some other reasons like chewing on baseboards, cushions, and furniture.

Samantha Fewow, the woman who adopted the dog, said that once she saw her, she fell in love with her.

The dog is now having a great life in her new forever home, she also has Abby, a doggy friend! Samantha also added that she loves her son so much. Thanks to Samantha, who knows how to deal with Jubilee, and gives her the life she deserves.

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