Dog Looks Like Stone Statue Arrived Shelter And Sit In Corner And Couldn’t Move

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC was contacted by an animal shelter in South Texas, that told them about a poor dog; whose skin was plagued with secondary skin illnesses and mange leaving him hairless! He needed an immediate medical attention to survive.

Grinch, the pup, was taken by the rescue team of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC in hopes they could treat him to be healthy again! He looked like a stone statue!

So, the dog was taken to a vet clinic to be medicated. He needed antibiotics, medicated baths, and topical medication. He was under-weight as well, which means that he needed a foster home to have the care he needed.

Thankfully, Grinch left the clinic after one month as he’d made a great recovery. He was then fostered by a great woman, who a great job with him teaching him about everything. His hair started to grow up again and he became a completely new dog! What a happy ending!

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