Mom Wants Her Toddler To Say ‘Mama’ For A Bite Of Food, But Dog Says It Instead

The mental abilities of a human child are so close to a dog’s. This thing makes them close friends as they have similar patterns in social behavior, communication skills, and intelligence.

This video, that was taken by a woman from Utah called Andrea Diaz-Giovanini’s, who tried to teach Sam, her 9-month-old baby, to say “Mama”. But Patch, her smart dog, who says it first!You can see in the video that Sam is not able to do anything of his mother’s request. The surprise is that the Australian Shepherd is able to howl away “Mama” at least three times!

The problem is that when the toddler realizes that his doggie sibling is stealing the light from him gets jealous and tries to push him away in an adorable way! How adorable!

Watch the video below to have more information.

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