Dog Rescued From Desert Has Been Waiting For Home For 6 Years Got Rejected For Being Shy

A North Palm Springs-based organization called Desert Animal Protection Society saved a dog called Chesbro who was abandoned in a desert. The dog was saved when he was a little puppy and now, he is more than 6 years old without finding a forever home for him.

The staff of the shelter has done their best to find a forever home for him but nothing happened yet. The marketing officer of the shelter, Cali TreviƱo, said that the dog loves to explore, and is gentle and so calm. He really loves people and everyone meets him directly falls in love with him. He added that he is shocked that the dog has spent more than six years in the shelter without getting adopted.

He also added that people who come to the shelter to adopt dogs always want a dog that directly sits in their lap within less than a minute after meeting them. But sadly, Chesbro is not that type of dog, that's why he got passed by through these years.

Despite that, Chesbro is very friendly with people and other animals, and he can be a great pet in a home with other animals like cats and dogs but he just wants a relaxed environment with owners that are semi active. We hope that he will find the forever home he deserves. Watch the video below.

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