Owner Left His Dog Outside During Texas Freeze, But The Dog Struggled To Survive

This story speaks about Declan, a severely ailing abandoned who was recently saved by Dallas Dog’s workers. The dog was found in rural Texas in a removed home. Actually, the dog miraculously survived the deep freeze on his bone despite his weakened and diseased condition for weeks.

The rescuers have found that the dog suffered from mange. He was in an unimaginable pain due to the bleeding sores and his furless skin. His infection got worse as there was a constant starvation because of the emaciation. However, the dog just wanted to survive so badly.

The rescuers expressed that Declan really needs a foster home to recover as he needs a lot of care and love. The rescue group will provide the foster parent with the necessary supplies and medical assistance. We hope that he will find a foster home soon.

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