Golden Retriever Watches Cat Breast Feeding Her Kitties, Mimics Being A Mom

Dogs are man’s buddy. Yet that does not suggest they don’t agree various other animals.
In fact, it’s rather the opposite! We have actually seen canines befriend monkeys, horses, and also elephants! And also contrary to popular belief, pet cats are not their mortal opponents.

In the video clip listed below, you’ll see a canine who is not only a buddy to a cat however takes the relationship a step further to look after and belong of the feline’s family!

The wonderful Golden Retriever sees the mama cat nursing and taking care of her kittens, and she chooses she can do the same.

The canine allows the cats to nurse from her, and she approves them as her own! She learns being a surrogate mother can be extremely rewarding, and also towards the end, you can see the mom cat massaging the Golden Retriever as a thanks for helping out. Too adorable!.