Distraught Dog Meets Mom On Face Time Video, Begs Her To Come Home

Dogs’ owners can tell you that dogs have feelings just like humans, and they even think. So, when dogs used to live with a group of people, they love them and can feel if anyone of them has to be absent for a while.

The video below shows us an emotional reaction of a dog, when her Grandma, who goes on a trip, while speaking on Facetime. You can see that the dog is pleading the Grandma to come back as she misses her.

It is obvious in the video that Chow Chow, the dog, is really sad when he hears the Grandma’s voice. You can see the happiness on her face when her Grandma tells her that she also misses her. We hope that her Grandma will come back soon. How Sweet!

Watch the video below.

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