Dog Found Living In Garbage As A Shelter, Clings to Woman For Being Nice To Him

This story speaks about Chowder, a stray pup, who was found a garbage near an apartment complex on a rainy cold day. A man went to throw garbage and saw the dog, so, he contacted Stray Rescue of St. Louis for help after giving the dog some water and food.

When a rescuer called Donna Lochmann arrived on scene, she was completely shocked by how trusting and sweet the puppy was! So, she took the puppy, who directly jumped on her lap and buried his head in her arms, with her in the car.

When Chowder knew he was safe at the shelter, his personality started to shine. Thankfully, he is getting better every day, but still needs be cleared up of an eye infection, and be neutered.

He will be then available for adoption. He will surely find a forever home as he is so adorable.

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