Brave Dog Makes An Heroic Sacrifice By Protecting His Owner From A Knife Attack

There is no doubt that dogs’ loyalty is bigger than anything else. Actually, they risk their lives to save their owners, just like what happened in Las Vegas, Nevada. When a dog’s owner got attacked with a knife, his Belgian Malinois, Alexander, risks his life to save him.

When the police arrived on the scene after receiving a call, they found the loyal dog being stabbed with a knife while defending his owner. The 6-year-old dog had to intervene to save Joseph Warlick, who had an argument with an acquaintance, that directly turned into an armed battle!

Warlick and the dog got stabbed both by the guy who was able to flee! Thankfully, Warlick’s injuries were not that dangerous, but Alexander underwent life-saving surgery at Lone Mountain Animal Hospital.

Sadly, the loyal dog passed away because of the injuries! On the other hand, the responsible person has not been identified yet! We hope the authorities will find him soon and charged him with what he deserves!

Watch the video below.

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