Dog Found After Being Forgotten Under A Bed For 2 Years, They Sedated Him To Be Able To Groom Him

This story speaks about a poor 7-year-old dog called Lionheart, who was hardly recognizable as he had a very tough life.

When Richmond SPCA received the dog, who spent approximately his last 2 years hiding under a bed, they directly knew that he was abused and neglected.

So, the SPCA staff started to treat him, and they sedated him to let him pain-free. It was obvious that the dog was in big pain as there was filth all over his coat and could barely walk.

They were able to have a vet to assess him, clip his nails, and remove pounds of matting and fur. Thankfully, the dog was completely healed, and adopted in a loving home. Watch the video below.

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