Dog With Feral Look Found Living In A Sewer Drain Searching For A Miracle

Save a Greek Stray was called to help a poor ill stray dog, who was aggressive and feral after spending his whole life in a sewer drain in Athens! It was obvious that the dog had been waiting for a miracle, and that’s what happened when the organization decided to do whatever it took to save him!

So, the dog was taken by the rescuers, who gave him the antibiotics he needed. After examining him, they found that he was covered in fleas and ticks, and his hind leg had mange, leishmaniasis, and an old fracture!

Thankfully, the dog, who was named Monty, was completely recovered at The Orphan Pet, but he was so shy and suspicious as he did not leave his kennel for a while!

However, many rescuers and volunteers tried to let Monty be out of his shell, but he refused, until his trainer, Alexandros, started working with him! Everything changed with Monty as he started being sociable! He is completely healthy and is ready for adoption! What a happy ending! Watch the video below.

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