Whittier Woman Finds Her Dog Euthanized After 3 Days Run Away By Animal Control

A woman from Whittier, California, called Juana Lopez is heartbroken as her twelve-year-old dog was euthanized after being missing before 3 days.

Animal control officers found Reina, Juana Lopez's Shar-Pei who was half-blind and deaf and took her to a vet in Pico Rivera, where they scanned a microchip for her and did not find anything. The officials decided to euthanize the dog without even trying to find her owner, who says that her dog had a microchip in just 3 days.

Lopez told KTLA 5 that euthanizing a dog is not acceptable as someone might be looking for its dog. She added that she could not get Reina's body back! She also said that the dog had health issues but she was receiving treatment and doing fine. Watch the video below.

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