Homeless Dog Drags Dying Woman From Car Wreckage 100ft And Saves Her Life

This story speaks about Shannon Lorio, a woman who was left fishtailing after losing control of her car while she was driving on a rural road late one night.

The woman landing on an embankment nearby after being thrown out of the car's back windshield. She started bleeding inside her head and she knew that no one was there, the street was almost abandoned. But the fate had another option when a stray German Shepherd decided to help her and became her guardian angel.

The German Shepherd started dragged the woman out of the woods for more than 100 feet to let any car help her. Thankfully Shannon was found by a passing car and she was taken for the necessary help.

When she woke up, she knew that she was dragged by a dog and she decided that she wanted to help him. So, when she recovered, she was able to track the German Shepherd and took him to the Humane Society.

Happily, the German Shepherd, that was then named Hero, is now living in a forever home and he works as certified rescue and search dog.

Watch the video below.

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